Thursday, March 5, 2009

You'll never guess what Tessa did today

She went to her first day of pre-school.

Ack - I just felt a shower of stones. Yes, I did send my barely two year old to preschool. It is through the early intervention program and is basically the next step up from the parent-toddler group we've been going to. I'll continue my justification by saying she had a great time.

No tears when we told her good bye - thanks in part to church nursery and being in the same building that been going to for a year and a half for the parent-toddler group. Oh, and the rockin' play kitchen they have. When we picked her up we watched via the 2way glass as she finished her snack and took her chair over to the circle for a story. I did get the feeling she was wondering when, or if, we were coming the very end of the class she was watching to door - and OH the smile and clapping we finally showed ourselves.

(The obligatory craft - I'm so proud)

Hold on - I'm sensing a second shower of stones falling in my direction. Yes, I am supposed to be resting - but all I did was drive a mile and since the medical community sees fit to schedule me for 3-4 medical appointments a week (yes, I'm serious) that involve just as much effort I'd be okay. Alicia did all the getting into and out of the car seat and coat putting on/taking off and I wasn't going to send my BAY-BEE to preschool on her own - come on!


CurtisandMindy said...

No shower of stones....I'm so excited for you. She's growing up! It'll be great for her to have something special that only BIG GIRLS get to do when the next one comes along. Way to go Tessa! I love that there was a two way mirror. I've always wondered how they act when I'm not around.

indeazgirl said...

It's so funny; I don't think anyone thinks any less of you for letting Tessa go to a place where she could learn stuff and meet friends. This is actually a very good idea. And she looks happy and excited.

Anne Bennion said...

Woo hoo for Big girls that go to preschool!! That's awesome!

Steph said...

What a big girl!! I think she will love Preschool. And you will really appreciate having that day a week to spend with the baby (in 8 weeks of course!)

Crystal said...

no stones from me. I'm proud of you and think its great. Think of it as socializing with education thrown in :)