Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Blessing of a Sister

Its hard to deny what a blessing having Alicia stay with us the past two months have been. No doubt in my mind that if she hadn't been here I would have had this baby weeks, even months ago.

Alicia left Tuesday morning.* As she was packing her stuff I realized that what I valued most about her trip was not the incredible amount of dishes and meal prep she did, or all the hauling around of Tessa, it was that I got to know her so much better than I have in the past 10 years. She was eight when I moved away to college and has sort of existed in my mind as a mix between the eight year old I new and the snippets of a young adult I've seen in quick trips home. Now, after two months of living in fairly (ie very) close quarters I feel like I know (at least a little better) who she is and we are sisters in heart as well as in blood.

I've been really thinking about how Tessa will be as a big sister, but in the days before Alicia left I suddenly realized that not only will she BE a sister, she will HAVE a sister. When I finally thought of this my heart jumped around in excitement. I understand how lucky she will be because of the fabulous sisters I have.

*I couldn't post this on the day she left because we didn't tell our parents we'd bought tickets...he he he. Why? I don't know, it was just more fun this way. (ETA: I just realized that this is the second post in a row about silly pranks on people...what does that say about me and Alicia?)


Crystal said...

It says that you're both quiet, but sneaky :)

Maria said...

A sister is absolutely the best thing in the world! What a lucky girl you are! (And what lucky girls Alicia and Tessa are too!!)

Good luck with these next couple of weeks...You can do it!!

MindySue said...

your post made me misty....thanks. ;0)

Laura said...

...and then, there was Laura.

Love, the 3rd

Drewmeister said...

I have gotten to know my younger sisters a lot better recently too. I left for college right before my younger sister's 5th birthday. It's so fun to get to know them as adults.