Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some Randomness

I have to preface this by saying I truly think we have a responsibility (stewardship if you will) to take care of the earth, particularly in regards to use and disposal of our natural resources...however - THIS is hilarious! Along those lines I insist to Aaron that I only shower every other day FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - and to save on shampoo. I am so ecologically and economically aware.


I am dilated to 3 cm. Aaron is hoping she'll be born closer to the weekend, so I asked him if he thought I should still go grocery shopping this afternoon. I thought his reply would be motivated by his timeline, but no - he really does care:

"Don’t go grocery shopping- are you crazy? Do you really want to have a baby on the dirty floor at Market Basket with a bunch of punk teenagers running around you asking where they should give the baby a tattoo or ear piercing?"


Tessa has spent the past two years always, always, always, being the littlest. All of her church friends are older than she is, many people still calls her Baby Tessa. Mommy and Daddy baby her like you wouldn't believe (I'm not even going to give examples, its a bit embarrassing).

Then last night - oh the glory of it - we babysat a 10 month old friend. And I learned that my sweetie is a bit power hungry. At first she had fun crawling next to the baby, leading her, and then even holding her hand to help her walk.

Then she started taking toys. When you can say "Mime!" (in case its not obvious that is Tessa for "mine") the world is your oyster. Oy. I am now just a bit terrified about the upcoming familial change...


Then I learned that she came by it honest. Last night I got out of bed to check on Tessa and when I got back Aaron stole my leg pillow.

"Um, thats my pillow," I said meekly.

"No, its Mime" he proclaimed.

It wasn't until I got up, walked around the bed, pulled his pillow off the floor and shoved it (meekly) under the blankets that he relented...and even then, begrudgingly. I guess he grew up being the youngest in his family - and now that he is older than me...


I added a link on the sidebar to another blog I post on - there are tons of great book reviews on it, if you are looking for something to read.


One last thought before I go.

It took me 13 weeks to get from "cervix just beginning to shorten" to "3cm dilated" so - this "family of four" fantasy could still be a ways off. (It also took a calculator to figure out how 37-24=13...I've got problems.)


Laura said...

So...any names yet?!??

I had high hopes for a "poll on your sidebar".

MindySue said...

I LOVE Aarons fears about the baby being born on the supermarket floor and getting tattooed. I actually got a visual...and it was funny.

I've found there is one sure fire way to at least DIMINISH the effect of a new baby. Daddy-Daughter Dates (or Mommy Daughter ones). It's something that Tessa can be "big enough" for but that the Baby clearly is not. I've found it helped deal with the decrease in one-on-one time that a new baby brings.

AWWWWWWW. You linked! Is this perhaps a pre-emptive apology for the next 8 months of you NOT posting because you're so busy?

I'm excited for this baby...but not ready for it yet. Her blanket is only half finished.

jamerlou said...

YEAH! I can't believe it! You've had a term pregnancy!!! Congratulations! I hope the rest goes quickly.