Sunday, April 26, 2009

A little more Tessa cuteness

In this video you'll see how I've pretty much failed as a mother...listen for the "um"... I have no idea where that word came from!


jamerlou said...

I was really straining for a recognizable word and 'um' was all I could come up with. Was I supposed to hear more? Did you know you also stress me out every time I see a blog post!? I keep thinking the next one will be titled, "Our new baby girl!"

Sara said...

Aww!! Emily, she is SOOO, SOOO CUTE!!!! : ) -- And I love the tiny "ums"!!! : )

MindySue said...

i love how she SO obviously talks with her hands. It's cute. I can see her in 8 years guesturing emphatically at the dinner table that she DOES NOT WANT TO EAT THE MEATLOAF.

SO cute.!!!

MindySue said...

ditto on jamies comment. every single day i think......has the baby come?

Sweet Em said...

Tessa has many more words than "um" (thank goodness or I'd really feel bad) but when she is elucidating a point using actual words really gets in the way of the EMOTION she is expressing ;)

Also - I thought people would be stressed out if I DIDN'T post - sorry!

Yaker621 said...

Who IS that child?!?! I swear I have never seen her before in my life--especially on Sunday!!! Do you do something to her?