Thursday, July 9, 2009

3rd Annual U** Family July Wagamama Lunch

Right now 95 % of you are asking "What? What? What is Wagamama?" Its a yummy international noodle chain with a restaurant in Boston. We first went to in London in 2006. Then they opened their first US store in Boston July 2007. We took Tessa there on one of her first big outings.

For some reason we went again in July 2008 (I think to celebrate Aaron's offices switch to summer hours - it doesn't take much to warrant a celebratory lunch around here).

This year we went on July 1st. Aaron, always the romantic, invited me to come into eat lunch on the 9th anniversary of our first date. We were also celebrating his LEED accreditation (if you are asking "What? What? What is LEED?" then you missed this long and detailed post). As you can tell from the picture we had other people with us (hi Nicole(also LEED AP), Jenny and Josie) , which is why Mommy gets to make a cameo in the picture. Sadly this picture was taken inside because of the incessant rain.

There, did you see what I did just now? I blogged about this, thereby firmly embedding this outing into U** family tradition. I'm gonna go ahead and put this standing date on my calendar for next year.

And speaking of expectations - Josie...Candy?


Laura said...

How fun! I like traditions like that. I think Meg looks sooo much like Tessa in that pic. Also,I just love tessa's pose.

Josie said...

If all of you out there are happily suprised to see another post by Emily, you may have me to thank.

I work with Aaron, the delicate genius, and have decided since I like emily's posts so much, I'd pay her in candy whenever she does. It's kind of easy since I sit next to the office candy jar here at work. Emily, thanks so much for breaking up the monotony of my work day!

Lunch was fun!


Ashley said...

So, we will have to come visit you sometime. I love the East Coast and I love eating at restaurants with names I can't pronounce. Wannagammamamama sounds really tasty! =) Sounds Cajun. You are too funny and I always love the blog! See you soon...

richard and ashley and parker