Sunday, July 5, 2009

Its been awhile

Hey, have you noticed it has been a while since I've posted anything? No? Well, I guess I'll wait a few more weeks then.


You'd like to see some pictures? Well - okay.

I have a feeling you will see a thousand of these type shots...although hopefully not all with the binky.

Heartbreaking (but picture worthy)

Tessa has excellent fine motor skills - if I had a nickel for every therapist that has commented on her "beautiful pincher grasp"...

Washing the car with Daddy - I took this picture from our 3rd story window.

This picture is a month old but ooooooooooh-oh! she is so adorable!


Laura said...

Meg looks like you! oooooohhh aaahhh they are BOTH so adorable!!!

MindySue said...

I can't get enough of these posts!! keep em coming! (when you have time). I LOVE the double binky shot...and that little sad face. AW! so so so so so going to get what she wants with a face like that.

jamerlou said...

Yeah! Meg and T look so cute with their binkies. Glad the summer is treating you well!

Maria said...

Oh, my! Dah-ling, honey, absolutely DAH-ling! :) Hopefully the weather begins to be/continues to be sunny and bright so you can enjoy even more! I'm looking forward to pics of the four of you at the beach!!

indeazgirl said...

So I've decided this being a parent of two thing is almost taking up too much of your time!! Just kidding. I love the pictures. Of everything. You have beautiful little girls!