Sunday, July 12, 2009

Independence Day/Dependence Night

We were so thrilled to go to a big barbecue (complete with tiki-torches) on the Fourth of July. I was nervous about how Tessa would do - sometimes she does wonderfully in groups and sometimes, not so well. Luckily two of her best friends, Melanie and Alyssa where there. They played with her while I was stuffing my face full of delicious shrimp and the dessert buffet and quickly she turned into a standard run around ragamuffin.

Tessa with Melanie and Alyssa at the Lake

After eating everyone headed to the fireworks by the lake. Every year we've been in MA we go to our town's fireworks - which we LOVE - but this year decided to go to the fireworks in the town our friends live (do you love my vague "internet safety speak"?). But I am out-of-shape/lazy and didn't want to walk, so we drove to get a little closer, which in the end, really didn't do us that much good (as you'll soon see).

We had fun waiting for the fireworks. But when the show started poor Tessa hid under the blanket saying "No farkles, no farkles," and eventually fell asleep.

Then we headed back to our car and the 30 minute drive home.

Then the car didn't start.

Then we had to hitch a ride with friends who had come to the barbecue and lived close to us, including calling back a family that had already it the highway. I'll be honest, I was/am so embarrassed, as if our family hasn't needed enough help this year. So much for Independence Day.

Then the next day Super Dusty came to the rescue (as usual - see mishap and related endorsement #4) and our car started.

Then the next week we took the car to the shop where, after 5 diagnostic checks and 50 successful startups, the mechanic couldn't find a thing wrong with it.

Then we renewed our AAA membership.


MindySue said...

FUN! and

I laughed out loud at the "NO FARKLES" NO FARKLES!!! Sophie fell asleep 10 minutes into the Greenbelt fireworks show last year.

Sorry about your car. I'm glad that it's okay but sorry about all the hassle. When ours did something similar it was because the battery cables were loose and the connectors were alittle dirty. That's all I know about what could be wrong with cars. Perhaps yours was jsut taking a Holiday.

Laura said...

Looks like you had a fun and kind of not fun night. Tessa looks way to grown up now! "FARKLES"?!? Too cute!

jamerlou said...

Jack, my least adventurous kid, stayed in the truck and watch fireworks from the front seat. He has a dislike for loud noises. It cracks me up how you're in sweatshirts and quilts. It had to have been at least 90 while we watched fireworks. I remember being sweaty. Good thinking on the AAA memebership!

Momisodes said...

I'm still giggling at the No Farkles. That is adorable.

So sorry to hear about the car issues, but so glad to hear there wasn't anything wrong that would cost you a fortune.

Bananas said...

It sounds to me like you have a problem with a loose farkle. ;)

Ashley said...

Tell Tessa that Farkle really is a fun game and it's irrational to be afraid of dice! =) just teasing. Sounds like your independence day was actually quite dependent upon great friends coming to your rescue. Oh well, next year it will be all laughs! I can't wait to meet you soon! Either I will be huge pregnant, or tired with new baby... we'll have to see. I apologize in advance because either state doesn't bring out the best in my dashing personality. =) We love you and can't wait to see you!

richard, ashley and parker