Monday, January 11, 2010

Animal Transport

I couldn't decide if this photo should be labeled.

"Tessa's Ark"


"Noah's Stroller"


MindySue said...

Cute! It seems like kids are just stuffed animal magnets...they seem to collect...or perhaps multiply at night..

Ashley said...

What a kid. I love reading your blog. Truly inspires me as a person who wants to be just like you. I read your previous post about your resolution. My resolution is just the opposite. I've decided to let go of the hope that my house will stay clean. I would rather it be lived in and fun, than dust free. =) I think your great and I would love to sleep in a tent under open rafters if it meant I could come visit you! =)

Josie said...

Wow, One day Tessa will be an expert at loading up the car for a road trip!

Crystal said...

Now we know how Noah transported all those animals to the ark