Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A note on resolutions (how original)

I haven't been really inspired by resolution setting this year. Some years I have tons and tons of ideas that I want to do, but this year I got hit with the bettering myself motivation a few months ago and so I am already trying to do most of the things I would generally resolve to do. Not that you could tell...sadly, the whole "start slow and taper off" sort of thing is my general modus operandi.

And thats the thing - I have the best of intentions but the results are less than stellar (does that sound familiar because I refuse to believe I am the only one who deals with this!). As a result my plans for betterment begin to sound ridiculous as they are repeated over and over. But trust me (Aaron - I'm talking to you!) I mean it every time I say it.

And then there was this blog post I read that contained this sentence:

"That same girl who was never organized for class, is the same woman who who still struggles with cluttered areas throughout her house, yet embraces hospitality by opening her home (even when boxes are stacked in the corner)."

And so you see - I am often embarrassed at the condition that so many have seen my house in. The type of embarrassed that I laugh at outwardly -

"Oh, its messy - you know me"

But inside I'm deep, down truly mortified by it.

I mean seriously - I held book club at my house with bare roof rafters over our heads! I once had my in-laws stay in a tent in our study. And now anyone who walks up our front stairs is essentially standing in our master bedroom; aka, the kitchen; aka the place we pile all our clothes, books, blankets, toys, and tools for world domination.

But you are still welcome to come over.

Happy New Year.


Matt and Erin said...

Ohhh, my friend. You are not alone. I say that too, but deep down I am mortified with how my house looks. I'm still trying to recover (as I'm sure you are too) from adding a second child to the mix. I thought I was finally getting there (organized, clean) and then I went and decided to have #2. :) Good luck!

noah and alyssa said...

so maybe i should stop at one? i'm the same about the less than stellar results at which point i drop whatever it is. i mean i try to finish, but my heart isn't in it. and for now, the house is mostly clean, in the 'public' spaces, but i have nasty dark places and closets and cubbies just waiting to be exposed. i am still that kid that cleans their room by shoving all the crap under the bed or in the closet. however, i do feel a bit of nesting settling in.....

Laura said...

I'm starting to feel that this is the story of a young mother's life... :) the way, we felt welcomed and comfortable when we were there. (and that's not because you spent all night cleaning before we got there. :)

Josie said...

When you have two small children at home a spotless house cannot be your top priority. As long as the kids are fed, washed and healthy, nothing else really matters. At least that's what I told myself when Evan was little....okay maybe I STILL tell myself that. :)

indeazgirl said...

Is it funny that I tell myself that maybe Heavenly Father is waiting for me to learn how to keep my living room clean before he gives me children (and a husband) to help me mess it up? Not that working full-time nights and going to school full-time doesn't keep my house looking somewhat disarrayed MOST of the time. But my kitchen has been cleaned almost every day this month. New Year's I come!