Monday, January 28, 2008

My thoughts on President Hinckley

There are a lot of things to admire about President Hinckley.

The one I'd like to talk about it how he allowed Heavenly Father to guide his life and make what could have been a good life into an awesome life.

From what I understand from reading his biography, he wanted to become a journalist. He applied to and was accepted into Columbia University. However, at the same time he was offered a position in the church, I can't what recall exactly, but it was an assistant to something. He did what might have seemed like a mistake to the eyes of man and accepted the lowly church position, turning down the prestigious acceptance into Colombia.

More than half a century later look what he has accomplished! During President Hinckley's long service in the Church he oversaw the missionary teaching programs and the Church curriculum programs. He took advantage, often on the cutting edge, of technology for use in the public relations, in the temple ceremony, and in teaching and reaching both Mormon and non-Mormon alike. There are many more examples of how Heavenly Father used a humble servants natural talents and interests to accomplish the work He needed to be done.

Had he gone to Colombia he may have been a colleague of newsmen like Mike Wallace and Larry King, and yes, he may have had some influence in society. Yet no doubt the fact that instead of working with these men, he was interviewed by them is one indication of the grand influence he was able to have by allowing the Lord to guide him down paths that I'm sure he could not have imagined, nor could he have foreseen when he made what may have seemed to some a foolish choice.


Maria said...

Loved your post. If only we all understood and were willing to peacefully follow the "grander plan". (Key word there is peacefully.) I have a goal to write down my thoughts on President Hinckley in my journal so I can look back and remember him, the way I, well, remember him. :)

jamerlou said...

I liked your distinction of either working with or being interviewed by the journalists. Loves!

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