Friday, July 4, 2008

I've been a Celtics Fan all my life.

That is Aaron's claim to fame. And it looks like Tessa will be following in his footsteps as she recently attended the parade in honor of the Celtics fabulous win in the NBA finals.Okay, okay - we really just went because we were in Boston on other business and decided to hang around for the "rolling rally" (fancy name for a parade).

The real bummer of the day - Tess and I were both wearing pink shirts (literally the only people in a sea of green) when we both had lime green pants sitting at home feeling neglected and unloved. (I still haven't gotten over it)

The really great part of the day. Cannoli's from Mikes Pastry!


Alyssa's Adventures said...

I miss Mikes Pastries and Frappes! Oh Boston!

indeazgirl said...

Good times! Go Celtics! Fantastic looking Cannolis!

Laura said...

I understand... I am still kicking myself for the time that we didn't go the Punqsutawny(however you spell that), PA for Groundhogs day when it was ONLY 3 hours away! Pthpth!

Oh yeah Bostons Connoli's are WAY better than Clevelands. Not to mention Little Italy...what a dissapointment...poor lesh!