Friday, July 11, 2008

Palmyra - via Chill & Grill

After the Whitmer homestead and the spider incident we headed to Palmyra.

On our way there we stopped at an veritable institution called "Chill & Grill." Very yummy - I'm adding that to my official recommended itinerary. Big burgers, lots of fries and a soft serve cone, size small, that will make you say "Thats a small?!" Guaranteed.

While there Tessa saw a big dog. She was brave enough to go with Aunt Laura to pet it.

After lunch we headed first to the Book of Mormon printing site. Then to the Joseph Smith farm and Sacred Grove.

I've been to the Sacred Grove a number of times and it is nice to be able to spend some time there absorbing the Spirit that exists. This time it was really nice to be there with my little girl - and my sisters. And of course the husbands as well.

Our last stop for that day was the Hill Cumorah. Aside from the sprinkler to the face that Aaron experienced it was a nice climb to the top of the hill and a nice place to rest for a bit.

Then we raced to Niagara Falls and our next campsite before dark when the office closed.

Out building on Smith farm


Mattsmom said...

EMILY! WHOO HOO! LONG LONG LONG time no see...or hear..or whatever! SO good to know you are alive and well.

And enjoying a fabulous vacation!

I love that you are a SAHM too! YAY for being a mom!

Your little girl is ADORABLE! I read a few past posts...about her birth and the following months...and was crying for you and her. Miracles are amazing.

At any rate.

If you care to read my blog it is

I mostly talk about my kids...and our lives there. Admittedly it is really depressing lately...but life is certain to get better soon.

Have a good one,


jamerlou said...

I love the name of that restaurant: The Chill & Grill. Most excellent. (Having a Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure flashback.) Anyhoo, I feel I haven't been blogging so much lately. I haven't been taking as many pictures lately because I've been busy and for me, it's not as fun to blog unless I have pictures.

Laura and Connel said...

Mmmm...Burgers, I am salivating right now...oh wait, maybe that was the dog.