Sunday, July 6, 2008

Firework Delight

Tessa loved the fireworks

And she was really excited that all the people around her loved them also!

We were lucky enough to run into some friends who let us sit with them. In the past we've had someone who would save us a seat but they went to the Cape this year so we were on our own. Not that we got there any earlier than we had in the past. So, ya, we were lucky to run into the Potvins and Gilberts.

Here is a picture of Tessa sitting on Phil's lap while Mommy and Daddy ate. At this point she was still a bit overwhelmed by how many people there were and that her mom had plopped her on the lap of a strange man.


Laura said...

qHappy 4th! or 5th or 6th...there were fireworks the entire weekend!!

indeazgirl said...

She looks ecstatic and so cute! I love the shocked look, too! Happy 4th!

Curtis&Mindy said...

holy cow that video was so cute!!! and I love the look on her face when you put her on phil's lap...sort of...Mom's what are you doing?