Thursday, July 17, 2008

Niagara Falls

Third in our series of "The Udy Family takes a long weekend."
(I mean really, you'd think we took a two-week African safari with how long it is taking me to finish posting about it!)

In front of Tessa's namesake
(no, not really)

Trash bag family

Where we were, from above.

Cute little Leshy.

In Canada

We decided to forgo watching the falls at night, with lights and fireworks. As Laura said "The falls are really neat, but I've seen enough." And as Alicia said "Lets get some ice cream."

So we headed to Fort Niagara on our way back to camp. But we got distracted by the cutest ice cream shop in the cutest town and spent the rest of the evening there.


Tessa learned to crawl on the grass that evening, and now she realizes she can go anywhere she wants to!


indeazgirl said...

That black and white picture is amazing!!! And even though the falls look soo cool, I would have loved to sit and watch the sailboats, too. How fun!

Laura and Connel said...

Really....I need some photoshop tips! You are great! SHOW OFF! Just kidding, that really was one of the BEST parts of the trip. Miss you!

Curtis&Mindy said...

i love LOVE that picture of the the two girls and the boat and the black and white one!!! amazing. So she can crawl now...boy are you in for it now! (insert evil laughter here)

Leshy said...

i did get my ice cream. :)

Leshy said...

the black and white picture makes me think of like. how people say you can't make or tell someone what to do or how to live there life. but they are still close by watching after them. hehe.