Friday, July 4, 2008

Our Boat Trip

(aka bad-parenting-witnessesed-by-all)

One day Aaron asked me out on a date. Our first since Tessa was born.

But we kept forgetting to hunt down a babysitter...and he got free tickets to a harbor cruise..and we really couldn't ask someone to babysit for 5+ hours.

And someone who went on the cruise last year told us that it was to benefit a children's charity and therefore shouldn't have too-much drunkeness (as these things tend to).

So we brought Tessa with us.

And she had a BLAST. She definitely earned the title "party animal" with all her dancing and smiling - just what you'd expect a girl to do if 150 people had gathered on a boat Just To See Her!

At 7:00, the beginning of the three hour cruise, we got a lot of comments like

"oh, how fun to bring her with you...I wish I would have done more of that with my little ones, now they are teenagers..."


"I used to bring my baby everywhere and we had so much fun..."
"she reminds me of my grand-daughter..."

But after about 9:00 all the comments turned to
"wow, she's not asleep yet?"
asked a way that clearly meant

"Shouldn't she be asleep by now!?"

Oh well - she slept well in the car home and the rest of the night. In fact, she's got years and years of sleeping ahead of her.

Carpe Diem!


Curtis&Mindy said...

screw em.....if ur at walmart at 3 am buying candy and tube socks with your kids wide awake and in tow...then ur a bad parent. (gosh, i hope no one reading this has done that)

Laura said...

Really....I agree with the above.