Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lucky in love

This picture is not an uncommon one at our house. Am I enforcing bad behavior by letting Tessa pull the DVDs out of the cabinet? I don't really know, but it doesn't seem like it is worth the hassle to STOP her since it is not going to ruin the carpet, or hurt her, and frankly, if one of the DVDs gets ruined, well we probably won't ever watch it again anyway.

But wait...what is this...

Did my 18 month old STACK all of those DVDs gently next to the chest? I can assure you she did not!

I think the culprit can be quickly identified. If it wasn't Tessa, me, or Quincy - the logical, yet alarming conclusion is that it was the 31-year old male member of the family, who obviously thought if it was okay for the not yet 2 year old to do it, then it was okay for him. (I mean sometimes you just CAN NOT find anything to watch...and then you are expected to clean up after yourself!?)

Anyway - it is kind of petty for me to post this considering it happened a few weekends ago and he did (eventually) clean it up. And it is beyond petty when you find out that last night he spent all evening doing a deep clean of the living room in preparation for the 3 weeks of visitors we'll be having for the rest of this month. I have to say, it looks a-MAZ-ing!

While he was cleaning he found a note...written to me on 4/21/1994. It was unsigned and I don't recognize the handwritting from 14 years in my past (YIKES I'M OLD!) It was a chain letter that I was to "copy word for word and give it to 7 (double underline) girls in 4 (another double underline) days. Remember No (double underline) boys." Then on the "4th day drink a glass of milk and say a guy's name 5 (you guessed it, double underline) times." If I did this he would ask me out within 6 days, but if not I would have bad luck in love foRevEr!

Do you remember the part of this post when Aaron spent all evening cleaning the living room? I guess we can surmise that, although I didn't have a date invitation when I was 14, I must have followed the instructions because that doesn't sound like bad luck at all!


Crystal said...

My favorite chain letter was the joke one that talked about a goat throwing you off a roof if you didn't copy it on color paper in different handwriting 10 times :)

What are the youth of today missing doing chain letters on email instead of mail!?!?

jamerlou said...

I should've died years ago from all the chain mail I haven't forwarded and ensuing back luck. Amazingly, I've escaped unharmed. That was nice of him to deep clean the living room! Why the guests in October?? Did everyone want to see Salem all decked out for Halloween?

Mattsmom said...

Funny. I LOVE it when Hubby's help clean to get ready for guests! You ARE lucky in love!

Steph said...

Hilarious! Can I borrow Aaron for a little bit to help organize my DVDs??

CurtisandMindy said...

Let me just say that if you let them do it now...they'll do it when they are two. Only they'll take the DVD out and try to shove it in your VCR/COMPUTER/BASEBOARDS/HEATVENTS/FACE/CABINETS/COUCH/DIGITALWHATEVERYOUCANBREAK/ETC. So, its up to you. but I'd nip it in the bud...w/ T anyway. It's too late for Aaron. ;)

I have made it my rule that if ANY forward (the 2008 version of a chain letter) contains the words "if you (don't) forward this you will receive...blahblahblah." I immediately delete it. Any attempt to intimidate me gets shut down. TAKE THAT STUPID CHAIN LETTERS!