Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP Debates

I hereby proclaim: I think either political candidate would make a good** president.

Though they each have things I disagree with, and though there is one who more closely matches my beliefs and addresses my concern than the other* I am pleased to say that I feel both presidential candidates will do a good job. I am unbelievably pleased and surprised to realize, and strongly believe, that for once we are not choosing between the lesser of two evils.

I wanted to post my impressions of the VP debates before I heard any commentary by the press because I was so impressed by the results. You could easily argue that the bar was set low, and that may color my opinions. However, in reality the VP candidates were leaps and bounds above the presidential candidates in terms of clarity, focus, and of course one of my pet characteristics, civility. And, shock of all, they seemed to follow the actual debate format that I learned in high school (time limits, rebuttals, next question). In terms of stating their principle's platform clearly they both did a good job and I feel like I can be confident that I understand the differences between the tickets. And like a breath of fresh air, they admitted that they agreed on certain issues. Agreement, you are kidding right?!

With one more month to go I hope I still feel confident about either candidate on election day (come on press, don't ruin it for me.) Of course ultimately I hope I feel this way four years from now...

*ha ha, not telling who, care to guess?

**whatever that entails


Mattsmom said...

Apparently a two year old nephew's birthday was more important to me that the debates...but I wish I had seen them!

jamerlou said...

Great! I can only listen to debates for about 2 minutes. I naturally have angry tendencies and something about debating makes me furious. I left and Merril watched the debates. I'm glad you can listen objectively, something I've never been able to do.

CurtisandMindy said...

can you give me the highlights? i missed it...and...will you tell me?

Leshy said...

hey ya you should keep that jacket i love jackets