Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Fun - Part 3

The NEXT fun weekend quickly followed when Aaron's parents (hereby to be referred to as Grandma and Grandpa) flew in two days later.

Here is the run down from their trip.

Wednesday I picked them up and then picked Aaron up from work and we ate burritos from Anna's Taqueria on the way home.

Thursday: Grandma and I hit the fabric store in the am to prep for Halloween costumes, then they watched Tessa while Aaron accompanied me to a doctor's appointment*, then Aaron, G-ma, G-pa and Tessa hit the Saugus Iron Works again (luckliy Tessa is a good sport about seeing things 2x in one month!) while I did some work.

Friday: Everyone but me went and looked at pretty fall leaves while I got started on Halloween costumes for that night's Trunk-or-Treat party at our church. When they got home the prep continued. That night, obviously, we went to the party.

...three drivers?!

My entry in the "Scary Cake" contest...I was assured by the organizers that if there had been a 2nd prize I would have won it...
Check out the winning cake
here...silly Mormon jokes ;)

The Three Bears

Saturday: Train show in Hingham, caught a view of the City from Hull (and ate yummy pizza at random sandwich shop), and tried to take the tour of the Adam's National Historic Park - unfortunately their website wasn't lying when they said "because of the recent release of the documentary, weekend tours sell out fast." We did get to take a tour of the Presidential crypt though (a very reverent experience I think) and then look around the grounds of the Adam's "big" house. Well, Aaron and his folks did. Poor Tessa fell asleep 3.5 minutes before we got there so I sat with her, I've already seen the John Adam's site (and in case I haven't recommended it to you - GO!)

Sunday: Church, lunch and a tour of Marblehead...sound familiar?

I love love love this picture!

Monday: Our original Monday plans were either too far afeild or closed so we headed to Ikea. We got some GREAT deals in the "as-is" department. Hopefully I actually use the stuff we bought and can post about it later. Then we killed just a bit of time by walking around the lake in Wakefield. By this time Tessa was completely into the "having four adults pay complete attention to her" vibe and loved loved loved the park there. We were killing time before going to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner...oh...I ate SO much that I could only manage a bite or two of chocolate cake dessert. Can you believe it?

Tuesday: Aaron had to head back to work but Grandma, Grandpa, Tessa and I drove to Lowell to see the National Park site there as well as the New England Quilt Museum. We had originally also planned to see the Trolley Museum but it was only open on Thursday through Saturday...darn. We made up for it by going to Subway for lunch.

Wednesday was get up early and go to the airport day.

Another whirlwind of a week!

*Third clue here people!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your moldy cheese cake turned out really good.

indeazgirl said...

Your cake is AMAZING!