Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Fun - Part 2

The second fun weekend in October quickly followed Columbus day weekend.

My old roomate/college buddy Jen came for her annual New England Fall Getaway. The original plan was that she and I would run the "Witch City 5k" together...but I bailed out.* But we still did a lot of stuff. Hum...lets see if I can remember...

Thursday: Saugus Iron Works and PEM.

Friday: USS Constitution, lunch with Aaron at Wagamama, Museum of Fine Arts

Saturday: Boston Harbor Islands, the tail end of the South End Historical Society House Tour, dinner at Salem Beer Works (complete with an hour wait for a table and some baseball watching time).

Sunday: Jen ran the 5k...Tessa and I were in charge of pictures. These included me forgetting to turn the "record" function off after the beginning of the race, a few blurry "action" shots, and then a nearly perfect "finish line" shot of the timing clock...would have been more perfect if another runner hadn't moved into the line of sight. So...apparently I am not the professional photographer I thought I was. We made homemade Indian food (some sort of curry) that afternoon (picture of all our yummy ingredients below) and then went to Marblehead and found a Fort that I've never seen before. Having Jen visit is good for that.

Monday: House of Seven Gables, hotdogs from Boston Hot Dog company and then to the airport for Jen's trip home.

I'm sort of freaking out because I took a bunch of photos that I can't find...where oh where could they be?

*Clue #2


Laura said...

Love the clues, Em, love the clues...very very clever...HA ha HA ha HAAA ha, I know, I know!

noah and alyssa said...

so i have a guess, and want to say it, but i don't know if i should. so i'll just wait until you're done giving clues, or give a very seriously obvious one, and then i'll say 'i KNEW it! back on clue two!' (not that i didn't have an idea on clue one, but i just checked out the blog today and saw two clues). unless of course i was wrong. then i won't say anything.

noah and alyssa said...

p.s. you should really encourage jen to get a blog, facebook or myspace. really.

Crystal said...

You are too cute with the clues :) I feel like a little kid with the whole "I know something you don't know" bit.....its nice to feel young agan

Melissa said...

Ok, I am dying to know! I think I have a pretty good guess, but what if I'm wrong!! come on, pretty, pretty please with sugar on top?

can you tell us now?