Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just for you Mom

They always hope you end up with a kid just like you but, I never thought that sounded so bad. I'm an alright person and as a kid, well, no real rebellion, running around, or general naughtiness from me. Good student, adorable.

Bring it on, I thought. Bring it on.

Then this week Tessa became the me that my mom was looking forward to seeing.
So, if you are my mom, or any of my (younger) siblings AND you can handle the sideways image (I'm still figuring out the new phone) I think you'll get a real kick of this.

Behold - the oldest child.


MindySue said...

Just curious, wouldn't the concept of general naughtiness be clearly defined by chucking wet papertowels onto and through the windows of cruising on 17th street?

I'm just saying.

Super cute video.

Ine da boss. Ine Da BOSS!

Anonymous said...

Love you, love her, love it.

(Thanks for the insight Mindy!)

Maria said...

Wow--I wasn't ever involved in the paper towel chucking... ;)

Too cute!

Laura said...

All I have to say is...

...poor Meg. :)

jamerlou said...

I have always feared having a child exactly like me. I'm glad to say that Max has made it to age 6. I still have the teenage years. hmmmm.