Monday, September 14, 2009

Museum of Science + Mommas favorite purchase of the year

Yucky Economy = grossy
Daddy Working 80% = grossy
Daddy having Fridays off = Sooooooooooo Cuke
Free passes to the M.O.S. for Salem residents = Soooooooo Cuke
New (to us) Stroller = Soooooooooo Cuke

Here is a picture of the stroller (and eager occupants) when we got to the Museum of Science.

And on the way home...

What the pictures don't show (because sometimes you just need to live the moment, not watch it through a viewfinder) is how amazing it is for a two year old to be able to push ANY button SHE WANTS, as OFTEN as SHE WANTS.

Or that Momma's amazing craigslist purchase can be steered with only one hand AND cost 1/5 the price as the other strollers I've been eyeing. Okay, continue to eye. In fact, eyed while at the museum and realized that I GOT A SCREAMING DEAL on a great stroller. This is easily my favorite purchase in recent memory. Granted, I can barely remember this morning...

(At the risk of sounding 2nd fav purchase is my new phone (free with rebate...and lifetime servitude to Verizon). The 1st picture was taken with my in-phone camera - the second with Aaron's. The resolution on mine totally eats his for breakfast.)


Maria said...

Sounds like an amazingly fun day! Congrats on the fun stroller purchase--I know you've been looking!!! Also, I haven't forgotten about you--I just haven't made the time to JUST GO DOWNSTAIRS AND LOOK ALREADY for your lovely OLD phone...this week, I promise! (Maybe even today!!)

jamerlou said...

Awesome deal! I love Craig's list. I need to list some windows leftover from the basement renovations. I'm hoping to score some extra Christmas cash. Your phone is way better than Aarons. (I was trying to think of a clever way to say that but couldn't come up with anything.)

MindySue said...

i love your stroller. I totally wanted one of these when Kaisa and Sophie were smaller, but it never happened (sniff). You are right. Your phone DOES eat his for breakfast. Niiiiice!