Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We've hit that stage...

While I'm doing okay at keep the girls alive, I'm find this "mother of two" business to be...challenging.


Well, you don't have to ask in "that tone." I know that others manage two just fine. And other-others have 3. Or 4. Or 5. Or 8 - happy, adjusted, dressed children. (Approximately 74% of my blog readers fall in one of those catagories.) But for me, two is kicking my trash.


Sibling rivalry has reared up in the form of an sweet, loving and uber-whiny/tantrumy pre-schooler and it is exhausting.


I really want to give Tessa a lot of attention because she is at such a fun age.


She has just hit the speech breakthrough that happens at this age and talks in complete, if not completely understandable, sentences. She is so sweet and loving towards Meg and is just plain silly!


Well I could go on about that forever so lets get back to the question at hand. It is exhausting to feel like I am not teaching/playing/challenging Tessa enough while in reality the the happy, content goo-goo-ing second born sits in the bouncy chair being neglected. (We refer to her as the PNSB.)


Because PNSB stands for Poor Neglected Second Born


Its an acronym.


It saves time - unless you have to explain it.


{exasperated sigh} Moving on.

I thought I'd like to have a big family (somewhere between 2 and 8 we were telling people) but now - - well, you might want to wait a few months before asking if we are going to have any more.


Because if every single child goes through this stage I don't think I've got enough answers to make it out alive.



P.S. Tessa hasn't been sleeping well AT. ALL. and this has contributed to the overall whiny/tantrumy levels here at home (both her and I). Aaron and I turned to "the google" to find out how to help. I searched "2 year old sibling rivalry" and this "article" claims that "As for the advantages of having siblings, I can think of none if the spacing is narrow (less than two and one-half or three years)." I'm completely dumbfounded by this statement. Yes - it is tough going at the moment, but seriously - NO advantages?!!? Thanks for the support.



Crystal said...

crap!! what does the article say about less than 2 yrs apart?!?!

Wanna come over for non-alcoholic margaritas tonight? :)

Tanya said...

yeah I heard from some friends that it's 3 that is the hardest...yeah I wont be having anymore than. We have the same problems with whining and crying and pushing the younger one down. I've tried everything from talking to her nicely to bribing, now as soon as any of it starts she goes straight to her room. Our rule is whining can only be done in the bedrooms by yourself, not around mommy or daddy.

Russ said...

Yeah, with 18 months between our two older girls, why do you think we waited five years for the next?


Laura said...

You are not giving yourself enough credit.


You may be busy, but you are an amazing momma of two beautiful little girls, who probably, because their mother is so aware of their important stages of life, don't really get neglected at all...some moms fill their time with cleaning and cooking all day, without spending any quality time with their children. Just the fact that your are even concerned with their development and are trying to play/teach etc. tells us all that you are probably doing a fantastic job. :)

Ashley said...

Colette is never neglected... Parker won't leave her alone! I would consider them holding hands in the stroller next to each other an advantage. I can think of about 100 off the top of my head. Tell Mr/Mrs "I'm an only child" that they need to redo their research. So twins would be completely out of the question, right? I'm glad to hear your "mother of two" struggles" because I'm right there with ya. Parker isn't talking yet, and at this rate he may never =) Just kidding. But I always wish I had more time with each as well. At least you are really positive about it, and I can't get over how clever and funny you are! I love reading your blog.

Josie said...

As a harried busy mother of one, I often look at families with 2 or more kids and wonder how they do it. I just can't imagine have double the needs to meet. Hmmm Evan still hasn't gotten out of the whiney/trantumy stage yet and he's 11! (just kidding, kinda)

Another great post. funny and poignant.

jamerlou said...

I'm sorry. I seriously don't know why I'm even considering 4. Why? Why? Why? At least you have some answers. I second the notion that that guy was a jerk.

Alyssa's Adventures said...

If I ever have to explain why I love you so much, I will show this blog post.

Maria said...

I'm with Alyssa on this one!