Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The U**s breath some country air

A few weeks ago I gathered random stuff from the fridge to make a wrap.

Wheat tortilla, hummus, turkey, mozzarella, mustard and pesto. Something in the wrap just did not mix well. It may have been the hummus and mustard, or the pesto and hummus, or just the wheat tortilla, but whatever it was prompted me to txt Aaron to say that my lunch tasted like the horse shed at the fair smells.

Then one night in August when I was at my parents house I realized - that is also what Idaho smells like. {grin}

While in Idaho we took an opportunity to go on a very small hike, with some very small hikers.

Then we headed to dinner at Aaron's aunt and uncle's house is Ririe. Trust me, It dudn't git much mo cun'ry then that*. And Aaron proved to be the definition of "city kid" when he "stepped in it."

Tessa once again cast off the "timid" label by eagerly feeding year old cookies to the goats.And by running full speed back and forth on the trampoline. Next year - summer camp at Uncle John's house!

*Thanks to Heather for correcting my grammar and suggesting this vernacular spelling.


jamerlou said...

The hiking looked like fun. The stepping in poopy, not so much. Juliet loves our trampoline. She asks to go jump every morning. Has your eye resolved itself yet?

Crystal said...

oh how you make me miss the coun'ry :)

Never knew I lived down stream from a cow farm....and swam in said stream, did you?

Tanya said...

ya gotta love Idaho!! :)