Friday, September 25, 2009

Rain Shmain. Sharks - Bah!

For a few years now, we've gone to the Cape just after Labor Day and have had great luck with the weather, the beaches and the (lack of) traffic and crowds. Last year we considered camping but I was early pregnant and in no mood for it. However the hotel we got was damp, dingy, and had a bug in the bed. Regardless of the low price we got, it was a rip off.

So this year we decided to take advantage of the low low rates of the DCR camp sites at Nickerson State Park. I'm giving it 5 stars. You know what? No. I'm giving it the 5 billion stars we would have been able to see if it hadn't been so cloudy and off-and-on rainy.

And there were sharks. Not at Nickerson State Park so much, but at some of our favorite beaches.

But because we are so hearty - we had a great time.

The trip started with the biggest miracle of the month. I MANAGED TO PACK THE CAR BY MYSELF (with a three foot tall helper). If you had any idea how my days usually go (a handful of half finished tasks littered about the house) you'd know this was aMAZing!

Actually - I think that anyone can appreciate this - the girls and I rolled out of the driveway 4 minutes after my target "leave time." This NEVER happens - tell me, does it happen for you? Because I don't believe it! I'm still on a bit giddy from the experience? (Of course, the high diminished bit by bit everytime we discovered that we didn't have x, y, or z. Luckily this is is Massachusetts, not the Yukon, so we just stopped at the store as needed. True adventurers.)

The camp site was great. Right on the pond, very near the toilets - what more could you ask for?

I'll tell you what you can ask for. Smores for your 10 am snack. The good life.

The first day we went to the beach was not too cold, but uncomfortably windy. We went to Race Point (far far away from the sharks) and sat on the beach a bit. Just as we got back in the car the sky opened up. Just as we got back to camp, it stopped. Another camping miracle.

Tessa at Race Point

Meg at Race Point -
can you tell she would strongly disagree with my statement that it wasn't "too cold."

Who packed galoshes for this kid? Give that person a gold star!

Stay tuned for pictures from the beach.
(Don't fear, no swimsuits were donned for these photos!)


Maria said...

I'm lovin this blogging streak you have going on! Keep 'em comin!!

Looks like you had a blast! Way to be Hearty! (And kudos to you for packing those galoshes!!)

Laura said...

I echo Maria's comment. What's that 3 posts in a 24 hour period? Whoo hoo!

Looks like you had a great time at the Cape. Maybe we'll have to see about taking a trip up there in the spring or something.

Brent and Tracie said...

You know that I know that leaving 4 minutes after your "leave time" is a miracle. You were definitely blessed with miracles that weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun. We will miss camping with you guys.

indeazgirl said...

Megs little nose....ohhh. soooo cold. Your camping trip looks awesome. :-)

andrea said...

4 minutes after leave time is amazing with or with out young'uns. My Mother comes to visit promising to leave by 9 - Aw How Sweet - Really means I'll get her call at 11.