Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mommy and Daddy time

While it is undeniable that Tessa and Meg adore each other there is still something wonderful about getting your Mommy and Daddy's full, undivided attention. Generally this happens when one kiddo is asleep and the other awake (ie, Meg gets the early morning attention and Tessa gets the night attention). They both glow when they are nestled between us reading stories in bed.

And speaking of that, Meg did get to go on a fun "date" with Mommy and Daddy in October (yes, 3 months ago...I'm behind) that I must brag about.

Because our stake lacks a stake center we have had all sorts of arrangements for stake conference. Its a good thing our stake center will be finished soon because it would be hard to top this last stake conference. With Elder Ballard slated to attend the crowd was expected to be huge - so - the adult session (held Friday night, to avoid Halloween) was held in...

...Trinity Church.

I can't tell you how cool that was! When I found out the location my first thought was "I hope Aaron enjoys his time with girls while I attend stake conference." Okay - truthfully it was :


Since Aaron's thoughts were pretty much the same we instead got a babysitter for Tessa and toted little Meg along with us.

(Complete with Halloween jammies)

Do I even need to tell you how great it was? The space was beautiful and historic. And acoustically - vastly superior to the gymnasium.

Oh yes, and the message. I'd like to think that I would have made it such a priority to attend if the only draw was Elder Ballard. Yes - I think I would have. But I'll never really know because I was so pumped about having a service in such an amazing space. That said, I did really enjoy his message and the personal level at which he spoke to us. He said many things - but what has impacted my life the most since then is advice he gave that is applicable to anyone.

"Take time out daily for quiet moments of reflection."

Monday, January 11, 2010

Animal Transport

I couldn't decide if this photo should be labeled.

"Tessa's Ark"


"Noah's Stroller"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A note on resolutions (how original)

I haven't been really inspired by resolution setting this year. Some years I have tons and tons of ideas that I want to do, but this year I got hit with the bettering myself motivation a few months ago and so I am already trying to do most of the things I would generally resolve to do. Not that you could tell...sadly, the whole "start slow and taper off" sort of thing is my general modus operandi.

And thats the thing - I have the best of intentions but the results are less than stellar (does that sound familiar because I refuse to believe I am the only one who deals with this!). As a result my plans for betterment begin to sound ridiculous as they are repeated over and over. But trust me (Aaron - I'm talking to you!) I mean it every time I say it.

And then there was this blog post I read that contained this sentence:

"That same girl who was never organized for class, is the same woman who who still struggles with cluttered areas throughout her house, yet embraces hospitality by opening her home (even when boxes are stacked in the corner)."

And so you see - I am often embarrassed at the condition that so many have seen my house in. The type of embarrassed that I laugh at outwardly -

"Oh, its messy - you know me"

But inside I'm deep, down truly mortified by it.

I mean seriously - I held book club at my house with bare roof rafters over our heads! I once had my in-laws stay in a tent in our study. And now anyone who walks up our front stairs is essentially standing in our master bedroom; aka, the kitchen; aka the place we pile all our clothes, books, blankets, toys, and tools for world domination.

But you are still welcome to come over.

Happy New Year.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm skipping over all Christmas good times for the moment to post pictures of Baby Hannah's visit to MA.

Laura and Connel are crazy. They took at 10+ hour drive with a newborn. Laura asked (via txt) if they could come for New Years only 5 days before them came. I thought about it for about .217 seconds. YES!

This kiddo grew up over the weekend while we had a baby in the house.

Tessa got older as well - holding, talking to and helping Baby Hannah.

She even helped her find some friends.

Auntie brought these matching shirts.

As you can see, Tessa made good friends with Uncle Connel.

A nice family snapshot taken at the JFK Library/Museum.

This is after we told Tessa to look at the camera.

Classic self timed photo with camera perched on the stroller...everybody squeeze in!

Thanks for coming...I hope the drive home wasn't too bad. (See that stormy weather behind them? That is what they are driving home in as I type.)