Monday, January 14, 2008

4 Layer Cake

Yesterday was my birthday (note the new background in honor of said event).

Yada...yada... frankly I didn't really care. I mean this in a good way, I just felt like, big deal. I would have been fine with just knowing myself it was my birthday. But, since other people cared (for which I am grateful, I mean, that DOES make you feel good) I used it to get some things that I wanted (in addition to presents, which were also very nice)...those things were:

Going out to eat at Passage to India. If you live in the area you MUST eat there. MUST.

Sleeping in.

Baking a 4 layer cake. And thus we come to the reason I posted at all. I had to show off my pictures of this delight.


(This is what it looked like under the frosting (I doubled the frosting recipe and still barely had enough to cover the cake)


O have always wanted to bake a 4 layer cake and now that I've finally done it I think I'll make this a regular birthday tradition. If any of you want to invite me to your birthday feel free to ask me to bring the cake, and I'll bring YOU a 4 layer cake.


jamerlou said...

I noticed it was your birthday yesterday and was going to call you but completely blanked it when I got back from the in-laws' house. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I apologize for not being more on top of it! The cake looks sooo yummy! I think it's a great tradition! A friend of our's has a birthday right by Valentine's and every year she got a heart-shaped birthday cake. Now she makes her husband make the heart-shaped cake every year. I think it's fun!

Maria said...

I'm hoping to see you on my doorstep on Dec. 3, 2008 with a 4-layer beauty! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so glad you got to go somewhere yummy for dinner. Food does wonders for the soul, eh? :)

Brent and Tracie said...

Too bad we weren't able to come over for your birthday dinner. That would have been delicious.

Anonymous said...

That looks so beautiful. I am incredibly amazed! Baking works wonders, especially when it involves chocolate.

indeazgirl said...

As soon as I saw your blog said Capricorn, my VERY first thought was, hey, I'm Capricorn. My second first thought, was "Crap, what day is emily's birthday?" It only took a few seconds before I scrolled down to this post. Hope it was wonderful. Glad to know there are 3 28-year olds in our group now. Not that it matters. And not that it's old. It's beautiful. And fun. And wonderful.
And your cake looks delicious!
And in response to jamerlou, my friend Josh's birthday happens to be on Tessa's on the 13th of February and he has received 10 store-bought heart-shaped cakes for his birthday in his lifetime. He now refuses to acknowledge Valentine's Day because he has so much childhood resentment built up inside. I made him a farm cake last year. Just a warning...(I do think it's fun, though, that his wife makes the heart-shaped cake :o) )