Sunday, January 6, 2008

When Blogs Collide

One of the highlights of the trip was seeing a good friend of mine from High School. Emily had her second child in June so we were excited to meet each others babies. Here is a picture...

Photobucket well as a link to the correlating post on her blog.

Now is the part where I blatantly flatter Emily! Lately I've been obsessed with hair, and as you can see in the picture, her's looks so good!! I couldn't say this in person because it would lead to the obligatory "oh, you too..." and "oh, it just doesn't do what I want it to." It was also fun to feel like I know her kids, especially Nixon, from reading her blog obsessively. There are some real blessings that come from technology.


Emily said...

You're seriously too nice. It was great to see you guys. I confess I stalk your blog too. And that picture of Tessa reading with gramma U is HILARIOUS!