Monday, May 19, 2008

The better bookend

I got to stay with high school friends on my way too and from Idaho Falls (IF).

On the way to IF I stayed with Maria. I was so excited to see her life. I got to see the wall where the buffalo head once hung. I got to go to swimming lessons. I got to see what an actually food storage looks like (in pretty good detail..wink wink, maria). I got to eat KRISPY KREME donuts. I am always so grateful to spend time with an old friend with whom I can just jump into a real conversation without all the "and where did you go to school?" mumbojumbo.

On the way back I stayed with Emily. She made me a vunderbar dinner which I could smell as soon as we walked in the door. I got to spend some time with her two boys. Rett climbed right up in my lap to snuggle (i.e. get some of the food I was eating) and Nixon and Tessa made eyes at each other through the gate that we put up to seperate boys from girls (I really was hoping for a cuter picture but Tessa, for once, wouldn't look at me when I took her picture). I also got to watch my first ever full episode of American Idol.

Also on the trip I got to visit high school friend Tara and meet daughter #4. Erin is just as cute as her three sisters.

And finally, because I am that kind of person, I also got to see Mindy's mom. Tessa was really shy with her but when 10 year old Mackenzie got home from school she went right to her and off they went to play in the toy drawer (I've got to get one of those ...a 10 year old or a toy drawer, either would work.)


jamerlou said...

Why did you separate the boys from the girls? Sounds like fun!

Sweet Em said...

We weren't ACTUALLY ;)

Maria said...

Still ticked that we didn't get a picture together...:) It was so fun to see you and your princess! She was so sweet to us, Audrey still talks about little Tessa! Thanks for letting me drag you to swimming lessons! Hopefully, it won't be so long in between visits next time!!

Curtis&Mindy said...

I think it is so funny that be both used the term "mumbo jumbo" in our recent blogs and I don't think I've heard that term FOREVER. Thanks for stopping to see my mom...though I'll admit I'm a little jealous. Hey, tell you what, next time you want to get your car broken into or your identity stolen why don't you swing by Crackima and visit. We'd love to have you...and your credit card information. Tessa walking now? Should I have known that? Bad friend...Mindy is a BAD FRIEND!