Friday, May 16, 2008

Driving in Idaho Scares Me

Yes, Really.

You see, in Mass. - people are pretty much expecting you to pull out in front of them to make a left turn and as long as you give them time to slow down, they will. That is how people get places in this state, otherwise NO one would be able to turn left. But in Idaho...well - I got all shaky and sweaty as I tried to pull out of a neighborhood onto a semi-busy two lane road. I mean I had to wait until there was a break in both the right hand, and left hand traffic! Can you believe it!? And if I miss judged the speed of either direction and ended up in the middle of the road waiting for a break in traffic - they wouldn't slow down...they would hit me.

Give me Massachusetts driving any day.


Laura said...

Seems to me like you are an official New Englander.

Crystal said...

I'm going to quote you on prefering Massachusetts driving. :)