Friday, May 16, 2008

Vomit at both ends of the trip

I just got back from a trip to Idaho to visit the fam.

Tessa and I left Aaron here to hold down the fort while we traipsed around eating a lot of food. I think that instead of facing the daunting task of posting about the whole trip at once I'll just post little tidbits as the mood strikes.

Tessa was a good flying baby if I do say so myself. The only real pickle was that she threw up all over herself and me on the first flight from Manchester to Cincinnati. But really - it wasn't so bad. In fact I was pretty proud of my mommy skills. Not many people noticed. I had an extra set of clothes for her. I didn't freak out that I had throw up down my sleeve. She had been eating ginger crackers so it didn't smell bad. I changed her fairly quickly in the lavatory without dropping a thing on that nasty floor. I had made friends with a grandma while we were boarding and she was thrilled to hold Tessa while I cleaned myself up. I know...this story is the epitome of coolness!

At the other end of the trip...

Tessa was THRILLED to see the cat when we got home. I really wish I could have had a camera on her as we came up the stairs. However I think that she caused him some real stress crawling at high speeds after him because within 5 minutes of getting home I had to clean up hair ball yuck from under the bed.

(Don't worry - none of my other trip stories will have to do with any bodily fluids)


Queen Elizabeth said...

Welcome back! You're such a good mom :) (Calm management of violent oral output is a sign of a good mom!!!)

indeazgirl said...

Stories of good multi-tasking are always thrilling. :o)

Laura said...

Let's see some pics! (I mean of the trip not the throw up:)

Curtis&Mindy said...

You use the word "lavatory"...that does it. You are way to smart to be my friend. What is it with you,travelers, and throw up? You must have some weird sort of cross-country vomit sign taped to your back (or your sleeve, or your bathroom). Sorry about that.