Friday, May 16, 2008

Get the Jordan barbie doll out of storage!

New Kids at Rockefeller Plaza

Click it - you know you want to!


jamerlou said...

I can't believe I actually clicked and watched for a minute. Seems like a bunch of has-beens to me. They must've run out of money. :)

Sweet Em said...

Yes, I'll admit that clip did sound like (not good) karaoke. Then the next clip is a little better...then the third clip they interview the NKOTB and I realize - Jordan has gotten cuter as he's aged and it is no longer just creepy that Joey is singing a love song.

indeazgirl said...

I used to have poster of Jordan in my room when I was 12. Candice got it for me, but I had to hang it in my closet because my mom didn't like that he had his shirt off.

Laura said...

Seriously. I had to post a vid on my blog because I just kept having flashbacks of the Jordan dolls "tail" and your pajamas that I always stole!