Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tessa's First Architectural Convention

The AIA convention came to Boston and we went to the AIA convention. Tessa really seemed to appreciate many of the vendors...particularly those that had flashy lights or gave her a pen.

One of our friends from school was in town for the convention. Aaron showed him around town a bit, took him on the highway to give him a good scare (we like to make people feel welcome) and the whole family went to dinner with him on Friday night. (His wife is a blogger so I'll give a shout out to her for managing all five kids while he was away!)

After the convention we went to the beach to eat our lunch. But it was too windy to really have much fun.

While we were walking on the floor of the convention I realized how I was nearly completely out of touch with the "practice" part of architecture, This was emphasized when we were perusing the AIA bookstore and I was enthralled with the stacks and stacks of books on architecture and urban theory. I guess one more example of how Aaron and my experience and interests are complimentary, as opposed to equivalent.


Maria said...

It's so nice to hear about your seem to have a lot of them, and they are often educational...for YOU (not just Tessa). I'm glad you are back into the swing of things already!

noah & alyssa said...

ROBERT! gosh, been a while since i've seen him. and lucky big city dwellers, conventions just come to you. lucky lucky.

jamerlou said...

You guys look cute in your matching dark shoes and pants rolled up one cuff. I was reading about molassas the other day and Wikipedia said there was a huge tub of molassas that cracked open and killed 21 people. It was called the Boston Molassas Disaster of 1919. Who knew molassas could be so deadly??

Sweet Em said...

The story is that on hot, humid summer days you can still catch a hint of molasses scent in the air...