Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas at the Lynnfield Chapel

The picture in no way does it justice, so imagine with me the scene.

The Sunday morning before Christmas. As in many chapels across the country musicians, vocalists and lecturers are prepared with a beautiful Christmas presentation, and in this building the window behind the rostrum showcases a lightly falling snow as a quiet background.

Pretty much the best Christmas presentation you can ask for.


Not to overshadow what is a wonderful experience, it was made just a bit sweeter by the fact that the meetings were going to be cut short so that no one would get snowed in. I love going to church. And I love when church gets canceled!

Here is another camera phone image from this snow storm.

Aaron, Tessa and I, rather foolishly and adventurously, headed to the grocery store in the middle of the storm that Friday night. We met no crowds, but had almost no milk either. Apparently 1% is the dog of the milk world because that was all that was left, the store just spread it out across the whole fridge section to hide the fact that they were nearly out. To balance the fact that we had to buy this cast-off milk product we were able to buy a rotisserie chicken for $2.00 - so now I'm a huge fan of shopping during the storm, instead of battling the crowds before hand.

And one more note about this pre-Christmas storm. If we had flown home for Christmas we would have left just as the storm was hitting, or flown into it as it traveled across the country. What a relief to instead be nestled all snug in our beds!


jamerlou said...

I especially liked the comment about 1% being the dog of the milk world. Very witty prose. :)

indeazgirl said...

hahaha. I love the milk comment. And I would have loved to be there for that snow fall. How perfect.

Crystal said...

That sacrament was the best, by far. Very picturesque.

Mattsmom said...

How sad...I drink "the dog of the milk world"...and I like it.
You are SO funny.

CurtisandMindy said...

I drink the "dog" too...but only because Curt has decided to boycott the skim...and might taste a little bit better.

I looked at the picture of the chapel and all I saw was this cross in the window and was wondering why you were attending another church.