Friday, January 2, 2009

Tessa's Update

Just before we left town to go to Idaho Tessa had a NICU follow-up evaluation scheduled. Very unfortunately our trip into Boston involved some throwing up, followed by an incredibly long trek to a gas station in order to clean up. Luckily for me (very very luckily indeed) Aaron was a passenger so he handled most of the gross-ness. I'm not going to get to details but suffice it to say, my pregnant stomach would not have handled it well.

The point of the vomit story is to tell you that we postponed the follow-up appointment until we got back from Idaho. This time we used our "key to a throw-up free trip" = pack an extra set of clothes...if you are prepared for a disaster it will not happen. Anyone want to scientifically test that statement for me?

Tessa did really well at her evaluation. Of course she started out shy, but eventually warmed up and had a fun time playing. The bottom line = she was 22 months and tested at 21 months. This is in keeping with the idea that a preemie catches up to her adjusted age by 24 months. I figure that she does more stuff with me at home so that puts her right on target and I couldn't be happier. She tested just a little lower on her expressive language, we are working on that and I keep feeling like she is just about to start talking up a storm. Actually she already talks up a storm, unfortunatly we can't understand what she so expressively tells us.


Thrilled. To. Death. To be wearing Momma's shoes.

Here is our big little girl helping Momma make taco soup.


Laura + Connel said...

Technically, TONS of kids are never EXACTLY where they are "supposed" to be on the "scale". So, it's great that you are not worried, because there really is no need.

Anne Bennion said...

I'm just going to verify the truthfulness to your key to a throw up free trip. Last year, we weren't so lucky. THis year, I packed(out of the suitcases) an extra pair of clothes for everyone, plus 3 throw up bags/buckets, and two huge containers of Purell. And, no one had to use any of the emergency items. Hooray!

noah and alyssa said...

ooo, thanks for the reminder, taco soup tonight at our house!
but on testing that theory, i'm with you. we flew from spokane to kansas city over the holidays,(noah's folks live in manhattan, kansas)and we left moscow five hours before our flight left, to make sure we'd have time, and there were no lines checking in and minimal at security. i packed us a change of clothes in the carry on, incase our luggage got lost, and it did not (though it did get delayed a bit - ten minute turn around in denver = luggage not making it on our plane, but on the next one in). and on the way back, we put shovels in the truck incase we had to dig ourselves out, and we didn't really have to. because we were prepared. and like you said, when you're prepared, nothing happens.

CurtisandMindy said...

And I thought I was the only one who cooked dinner on the floor. I love that picture. She looks amazingly cute in your shoes and SOOO happy with herself.