Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good - Better - Best

When I took the "Best" cookies to a friends house I was asked "Emily - are you the evil genius behind these?" I was quite flattered.


This was the 3rd in a series of incidents though that have made me wonder about what people think of me. (I don't actually want to know, so don't tell me...I'm just wondering aloud) They go as follows...

1 - "Emily - did you bring this bean looks like your work."
2 - "Emily - you made these brownies didn't you?... I thought so"
3 - "Emily - are you the evil genius behind these?"
4 - "I thought those reminded me of Emily's cookies."

and number 5 - is a bit off topic but "Do you have names picked out? Yeah, right. I forgot who I was talking to."

So...I'm choosing to take each of these as a compliment...but - each time I just wanted to ask "What do you mean by that?"

ETA: I just remembered the time that Aaron and I met a very well-known architectural critic...we were introduced as having just moved from Idaho and the woman said to Aaron "You LOOK like Idaho!" - another one of those - "um....thanks" moments.


Laura + Connel said...

Take all of those as a compliment because it seemed that when we took your bean dip recipe to our Chr-Eve party it was a hit! Also: HOW did you make those cookies? They look goooood! *Slurp* *slurp*

Crystal said...

of course they were compliments!

CurtisandMindy said...

Yeah, i don't know that I"d be too pleased with a "you look like Idaho"....i'm sure however that it was a compliment aaron. 100 percent positive. Those cookies look AMAZING.

noah and alyssa said...

another semi easy 'best' cookie with oreos? oreo death balls. (noah's name for them).
1 pkg oreos
8 oz cream cheese
smash up the oreos, mix with the cream chese, roll into little balls. chill (or not, but it's easier if they're chilled).
1 bag white chocolate chips
1 pkg starlight mints (peppermints)
smash starlight mints, melt white chocolate. roll little balls in melted white chocolate, roll in crushed peppermints. allow to set. enjoy.
but in the mean time, i think i'll try your 'best.' yum.
p.s. my word verification is tookiess, kind of like cookies, hmmmmmm.......