Friday, January 2, 2009

Lamest Accomplishement Ever

I realized this past February that I posted the same amount of times in January as I did that month. So I thought "13 posts a month will be my unofficial goal." Then I only posted 9 times in March and changed it to "I'm going to post an odd number of posts each month."

Oh, how I like to challenge myself, especcially considering 1 is an odd number.

And somehow I managed to do it. Lets hope 2009 is just as productive a year!

To be honest - I took a quick look at past posts, it being the New Year and all. I had in mind a few things that have changed over the year but felt it went by fairly quickly. I was SHOCKED to see how little Tessa was this past January (really, I shouldn't have been but I WAS) and realize how long ago that seemed - and I'm freaked out for the coming year.