Friday, January 2, 2009

Update on Momma/New Baby

In order to avoid undue anxiety to you I'll start by letting you know things are going well with this pregnancy.

This pretty much means that every time I freak out I am just being paranoid. And thank goodness for that. I'd much rather be a crazy paranoid freak than right! We have about four weeks to go until we get to the gestation Tessa was when she was born. Thats not too long...right? I thought that at 20 weeks and that week was incredibly long, every twinge, pull and ache made me scurry for a drink of water and a couch to lay on. However since then I've calmed just a bit and this week is going by better. Of course I had two ultrasounds this week, so that helps...{embarrassed laugh}

I also had my bishop give me a blessing this week and I'm assuming that has had a lot to do with the reduction of my anxiety.

Aaron suggested that I ask for your help. We definitely know that prayers have power, so if you are willing we'd appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers that this pregnancy goes full term.

I've tried not to write too much about this over the past 22 weeks - but I can assure you, you'll hear a jubilant yippee in blogdom when we get to 26w2d! And every week after that.

Oh - and just in case you are rabidly is a "belly shot"* taken at 20 weeks.

* have to put aside a lot of pride to post one of these, don't you.


Laura + Connel said...

Praying for you---Have been and always will be!!! Love you!

indeazgirl said...

Your tummy looks awesome!! I'll be praying and hoping and I'll be so excited to see how big you grow a baby!! :o)
Love you!

CurtisandMindy said...

LOVE the photo!!! You are so cute prego! And yes, I was rabidly curious.