Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How old is too old to have Pizza on your Birthday?

On Monday night I was reading a book about Labor and Delivery (you know, practicing my hee, hee, hoo's) - the first I've done this pregnancy. As we were getting ready for bed Aaron said something about the next day being my birthday and I thought/said "How funny, 29 years ago my mom was DOING what I was READING about tonight."

I was (and still am) sick on my birthday, which only meant that I didn't get to take Tessa to her Early Intervention Toddler group. Actually that is sad because it is nice to get out of the house and she is getting so brave with the other kids. It also meant that I didn't want to go to Cheesecake Factory for dessert (as I look back I find that rather shocking). My main reason was that I'd still have to make dinner which would mean going to the grocery store, one of my least favorite "chores."

Instead, while I dozed in bed Aaron ordered pizza. When I'm pregnant - I consider pizza to be the ultimate food choice. Carbs, veggies and protein (and a little bit of fat thrown in). And of course we had a yummy yellow cake with chocolate frosting - my all time favorite cake combo.

Tessa hasn't really acted sick yet, but she did have pink eye earlier this week. Putting that ointment in her eye has been one of the worst things I've had to do for her. It worked twice to put it in her eye while she was sleeping, then she caught on and started shaking her head at me in her sleep everytime I'd get her out of her crib. So sad. Finally on Tuesday (birthday day) I just bit the bullet and put it in her eye before her nap - I figured waking up to the person you trust most in the world torturing you must be wretched. After I finished some work I decided to take a nap and moved Tessa to our bed to snooze with me. I woke up with a tickle in my throat - reached for some water - it slipped out of my hand and dumped all over the sweetie pie sleeping next to me.

I really hate those stupid cups, they are plastic and blue and too big for my hands. Obviously. Later that night, after I opened my presents (and got a manicure from Aaron... I KNOW!) I spilled the cup again, this time in my lap. (I'll refrain from a lame joke about having a drinking problem).

Now, just to clarify - I had a great birthday. Aaron was so sweet and nice and I just felt happy* and loved when I went to bed, and you can't ask for more that.

*in addition to damp, coughy, stuffy & achy


jamerlou said...

Happy Birthday! What I loser friend, I spaced it!! Sorry you were sick for your birthday. Hopefully you're starting to feel better. We've been pretty lucky this year with the cold season. Everyone was so sick last year that I've really stepped up the hand washing this winter.

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry you were sick though. A manicure from the husband sounds like a good birthday present.

Crystal said...

You are NEVER too old for pizza on your birthday :)

Laura + Connel said...

Wow--manicure...maybe I will email this post to Connel and Edit the manure part to make it big and red and noticeble.

Laura + Connel said...

Oops...HA HA HA! How funny, I meant to type MANURE!

CurtisandMindy said...

i am so horrible....because i am laughing hysterically at the look that must've been on Tessa's face when she woke up after her Mama dearest dumped water all over her. That poor thing. ;0)